Brake Service in Matthews NC – How much will it cost me?


Most people know how important brake pads are to keep your vehicle safe but we are often asked how much a brake service will cost. The short answer is that the cost of any brake service or brake repair will vary for a number of reasons. At Christian Family Automotive we understand that there are more to brake systems than just brake pads. A brake service starts with a full inspection of the entire brake system before any brake repairs are completed.

A basic brake service consists of replacing the brake pads with quality parts, resurfacing the rotors for smooth, squeak free brakes, and lubricating all the slide pins to ensure your new brakes wear evenly and last as long as possible. In some cases, brake rotors cannot be machined and a high quality replacement rotor must be used.

In addition to brake rotors and pads, fluid plays an important part in the brake system. Dirty, contaminated fluid can cause increased stopping distances and spongy brake pedals, and should be flushed clean. Many manufacturers suggest brake fluid flushes and part of your regular scheduled maintenance. In addition to improving stopping distances, clean fluid helps protect and prolong the life of many components in the brake system.


The final part that can affect your brake service is the quality of the brake pads themselves. Organic, Semi-organic, ceramic… Economy, quality, or premium pads? There are many options to choose from and we always want to make sure that you and your family has the best choices available to you.

As you can see it can be hard to answer the question, “How much does a brake service cost?” That is exactly why we offer FREE BRAKE INSPECTIONS at Christian Family Automotive. We want you to know exactly what is going on with your vehicle and what options you have for repairs. That way you can always make the best choice for you and your family. If your car has brake noise, vibration or pulsation when applying the brakes, or you think you may need brakes, call us and schedule a free inspection.

Written by Robert Summers

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